Can someone explain to me how ranked works? So I made another account. Trying to main just a few champs so I can climb faster. I've been pretty successful, although I was placed in Iron 3. I've 'climbed' to Iron 1, but I guess due to how well I've been doing I'm being matched against Gold/Plat players in my solo/duo ranked games. Could anyone explain to me how one is supposed to climb out of Iron when I'm playing against players that are 4 divisions higher than me? Like I'm a decent player, but no better than your typical Plat. Why would the ranked match making put me with higher level players instead of just boosting my rank to the rank of players i'm against? I might be missing something but honestly it's quite frustrating when Im stuck in Iron because I'm being matched with Plats. . not Irons. . . Also my MMR is that of a Bronze 4 players. . .again Im confused
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