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Hello, everyone, my name is Wolfintech and today I was wrongfully banned by Riot Games. Apparently I was banned for MMR boosting when my account details were never shared with anyone else. I submit a ticket to Riot support immediately after I received the notification that I was banned for two weeks and was stripped of this season's rewards. I waited an hour to receive a reply from the Riot Employee, Jenny711, to inform me that the ban was not a mistake. I'm not sure what techniques riot uses in order to determine what accounts have been shared, however, I believe that it's possible that I may have been flagged after moving from Illinois to Arizona and continuing to play with my friends from Illinois. I also recently went on a losing streak from Platinum V to Gold II. PRIOR to going on that losing streak, I lost several games in Platinum and received the yellow and then red warnings that I would be demoted before I was. During that time my MMR would have dropped considerably. Especially in light of content creators highlighting players who are blatantly win trading, boosting, and account sharing in high elo games, please help me get un-banned because it is extremely hypocritical of a company like riot games to punish an innocent player and offer no evidence while players that are obviously violating their terms and conditions continue to go on with no consequences.
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