"League of Legends is, by its very nature, inherently designed to be Toxic"

I made this thread more with the purpose of having a discussion about this statement. It is not my viewpoint, but rather a view of a friend whom quit LoL a while back because of this very reason. So why? "How can a game be toxic by design?", I asked my friend. This is more or less a crude summary of his answer. League of Legends, like other MOBA's, has that competitive nature in it that Riot probably promoted as the years went on. It's a game where matches last from as little as 20 minutes to even an hour in rare cases. On average, lets say a game lasts 30-40 minutes. A grueling, back to back experience where you play (in most cases) with 4 other people on your team whose actions you can't control. During this time, with all the farming and last hitting, jungle ganks, outplays, mistakes, etc... one of the two teams involved end up with a win. And the other side ends up with a loss. This is where I feel there are two viewpoints to the game. Playing to win, versus playing to have fun. My friend believed that for those people who are playing to have that sweet victory in sight, to end up with a loss instead ends up feeling like a waste of time. All that effort for the win escaping your grasp because either you messed up, your teammates messed up, a combination of the two, or the enemy team just being outright better. Is it really a waste of time, though? I've talked to a lot of different people, and I know some have this very stubborn view that they are not having fun unless they are winning. That losing feels horrible, and only makes them feel negative and want to keep playing until they get that win, no matter what it takes. I suppose in a world like that, if you are only playing for that win, and only have fun when you win... then you are probably only going to be having fun around half the time. Imo, no one is going to win every game, there's always going to be ones you can't really win. I like to play regardless of what happens. I used to feel competitive with ranked, but now with work overtaking my life, I find it harder and harder to dedicate myself like that. Playing only for that win stresses me out too much, and it made me realize that thinking LoL was designed to be toxic maybe isn't entirely wrong. But thats why I play just to have fun, regardless of the win or loss. I know there will obviously be people who think that viewpoint is silly, but it has taken off that burden from the back of my mind, and let's me enjoy the game more. I'm not saying that just because the game may be "toxic" by nature, means that it is ok to be toxic. Oh no, I'm not saying that at all. Moreso I'm saying that maybe it is inevitable that negative emotions like that are going to boil up at one point or another, and eventually cause someone to slip and let loose some flame on their teammates. I don't really know for sure. But I thought it would be an interesting topic. What do you think, GD? Do you play to win, or play to have fun?
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