Can't verify email (someone please help)

First off, I have no idea where to stick this, so hopefully someone who can help will see it here or the mods will move it somewhere better. A couple of days ago I went to verify my email like Riot wants. Followed the instructions, got the link, etc etc. Went onto the support site to redeem the skins and it wouldn't let me log on because my account isn't verified. Well, that's a bit odd but maybe it takes a while for all Riot's systems to update. So I waited until the next day. Came back, went to log onto support and a window popped up asking for the verification code that was sent to my email. I check my email and there's a code (sent right then), so I stick that it. It accepts the code but still won't let me log onto support. At this point I'm getting a bit disappointed in this whole verify email thing (that I didn't want to do in the first place but hey, free skins), but I figure I'd give it one more day to see if that helps. So today I try, same thing, get a code emailed to me, but won't let me log in. So I decide fine, I should contact support and get their help, cause clearly I messed something up. So I click contact support and go through the list. Turns out that you MUST be logged into support to submit a ticket, which isn't particularly useful when you can't log into support.
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