Once more, with calm: Riot, what exactly is your problem?

Now that I've calmed down a bit, I'm going to approach this more calmly. Riot. Your new games might be good. Who knows? They're in alpha, we don't know yet. However, there's a problem with your business move. League of Legends became a sensation because it was the first Dota-style game to truly do its own thing and really make itself an identity. Once it got a foothold, _no one_ was able to unseat it. Not even powerhouses like EA and Blizzard. Why is that? Because League _defined the genre_. Everyone else was just a pretender to the throne. The only games that have truly stood on their own are Smite and Paladins, both of which look _very_ distinct from League at a glance. Dota, of course, is the exception but I reckon that's because A, it was the original and people were excited to see it fully fleshed out, and B, it's on Steam, which is an extremely active platform. In the end, League of Legends has always been _the_ MOBA, and that's why it's held the throne. It got there first and gave no clear reason to abdicate. **Let's address the new games.** You have a card game. Hearthstone is a card game. Shadowverse is a card game. There are at least a half dozen more that are at least occasionally played. **Riot is chasing this market**, and some time after it's already passed its peak popularity. You have a League port to mobile. Okay, that's a simplification, it's technically a new version of League that's cross-platform. Regardless, MOBAs _very_ rarely do well on mobile because of how awkwardly they play. PC players will always have an advantage over mobile players. Very few people play MOBAs seriously on mobile, and PC players will probably rather play original flavor League. **Riot is pursuing a dead market.** You have a social game. We don't know much about it yet, but English language social games rarely do very well. This is an Asian market, and Asian players already have a _ton_ of exceptional options in this genre. Social games are games you dedicate quite a lot of time and effort to, so picking up a new one isn't like picking up a new strategy game you play every now and then. If you don't stick to a mobage, you don't get ahead, and there's no point in playing it after a while... and why would you add another to your routine, drawing time away from existing games, for an untested foreign game? **Riot is chasing this market.** You have a fighter. This might be fun, sure. But for true fans of the genre, there are _so_ many more tried and tested options. Tekken. Street Fighter. King of Fighters. Dead or Alive. Mortal Kombat. Injustice. Heck, even Soul Calibur counts for the more casual fans. That's just a small handful. Players who enjoy fighters will probably stick to what they know. League fans will probably pick this up on occasion and keep their real time and money in League. **Riot is chasing this market.** You have the big one. A competitive character-based FPS. This is Riot doing the inverse of what competitors tried against League, not learning from their mistakes. They're trying to break into a genre that is TIGHTLY locked down by Overwatch, even _with_ Blizzard's recent backlash issue taken into account. It doesn't immediately pop. I look at the alpha footage and I Immediately think "that's Overwatch with weaker graphics". League players will likely try this for a short time, say "Eh, it's alright," then go back to League. Overwatch players, if they try it at all, will almost surely prefer the game they already know and compete in. There's technically also Paladins, which brings the best of both worlds to one place. **Riot is chasing this market. Hard.** Then you apparently have some esports manager? I'm not sure if this was a Riot game or just a related announcement. Assuming the former, esports managers already exist and do extremely poorly. What's more, there's not half the depth to managing a pro gaming team that there is to managing a team of pro athletes, negating the meat of the genre. Soccer managers, you make transfers, devise top-end strategy, dictate maneuvers, handle players' physical health, sit down with agents, talk to the press, schedule exhibition matches, hire and fire front office staff, position players... In Motorsport Manager, you manage the health and mental wellbeing of your drivers, scout and headhunt from the competition, tune your car, research new technologies, improve your car while trying not to horribly break anything, decide when to pit and which tire compounds to use, vote on regulation changes... What can you do in an LCS manager? Assemble your team, decide an overall strategy... Isn't that about it? Maybe deal with sponsorship negotiations, and I guess some players have agents? Hell, in the leagues I play in, there aren't even any set teams. Players assemble into squads and govern themselves. There's not much to it in any event. In short, **Riot is gambling big time.** Normally I'd say yes, there's room for multiple games in a given genre. But when your focus is on competition, and you expect players to take that seriously, there really isn't until the reigning king starts to lose player interest. That's because **players are generally not going to throw away years of effort climbing the ladder to try a new game in the genre**. This is probably one of the big reasons League is still _the_ MOBA. Of the above games... **Card Battle Genre:** Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering. **Mobile:** Not generally hardcore competitive, but to name just a few with an arena... Kantai Collection, Azur Lane, King's Raid, Fire Emblem Heroes. **Fighters:** Again: Tekken. Street Fighter. King of Fighters. Dead or Alive. Mortal Kombat. Injustice. Soul Calibur. **Character-based FPS:** Overwatch, Paladins. **Management:** Just about any sport you can think of, though this is a single player affair. Riot is chasing an established market in _every single one of these genres_. This is a problem because if Riot wastes a bunch of money, there's a chance Tencent could sell to a competitor at best, liquidate the company at worst. If you're going to make a new game - and they absolutely should! - break into a new market. The _singleplayer_ market, would be my suggestion. Not only does Riot currently offer _no_ League of Legends experience for singleplayer, but singleplayer games are far more likely to be picked up and played by those who have other games of the same genre. In short, I'm glad Riot is making new games. I'm not glad they're chasing cornered markets, at least two of which are already past their prime.
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