I wish someone could watch my games.

No word of a lie. I have been in my plat series 6 times in the past week. On god i've played to the third game of the series 5 times. And every single last game I have played, there has been someone intentionally griefing. AFKing or just running it down. Normal League of Legends things. Yes I get frustrated but this last game I just played was astonishing. Game starts, we automatically start destroying them. Game is in the bag at 15 min. My ADC who was toxic towards me right away took our Evelynn's krugs twice. Evelynn refused to play and farms jungle entire game a won't fight. Tristana my adc then decides to run it down and keep killing himself. Game continues for like 5 min and my Heimer leaves and goes AFK all game because of these 2 petty people. 4v5 begins and the team we had at nexus at 15 minutes just beat us at 30 min because of trolls. And the part that makes me even angrier is that ALL of these griefers will get a slap on the wrist yet i've lost ANOTHER game that I don't deserve to lose #JustPromoteMeToDiamond
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