the 15 minute surrender

Chances are if you're considering 15 minute surrendering a few things have gone wrong. They enemies have a carry champ incredibly fed already i.e fizz/kat. And you really don't want to play against them for 30 minutes. The enemies are a 5 man premade and camping and just generally having fun murdering you while you watch a grey screen. Or you have a troll on your team ruining the game. Now I've almost never in my life gotten the 15 minute surrender off because my teams watch too much anime. And if you have a troll chances are he won't accept it. And even when your team is feeding they won't accept because "it's a normal just play it out" Like I can use the exact same excuse for why we SHOULD surrender. The better alternative is either let 4 people actually pass the damn vote, or just remove the feature and fix your client already.
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