Reporting someone on the website doesn't work anymore

So like 2 months ago i started reporting players on the website for actually breaking rules that you can report for cause it seemed to work way better then in client reports. Then so suddenly i reported someone recently for calling me a (Sorry for my words) a %%% and the N word multiple times and i reported it on the website and what do i get? BlitzBot telling me the same things every report now that i have not reported someone for a long time...even though my last website report at the time was 2 hours ago but whatever and riot even knows that this bot is not working properly cause they have an option to request a human....that also seems like it doesn't work cause i got no response and that report on the website i sent about that very offensive name calling guy? yeah i requested a human for it did not get a single actual person and i have not been notified that the man has been dealt with. I worked with and still work with companies that have forums for games and what i am seeing right now compared to the work i do is considered lazy and disrespectful to the community. And this guy gets away with spamming the N word and the F word but i say Pathetic and tell someone KD and score doesn't matter plays that make us win the game does...i get chat restricted....for those words exactly.... You don't actually get a say or chance in anything. Riot is just lazy and disrespectful to it's own community.
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