Skins reveals was a huge let down for me..

Only Morg ''really deserved a skin'' ... Nami received Program Nami not so long ago so why she is on the skin line? And Riven? Like why the favoritism increased so much in the last few years? In the past, every champions received skins and cosmetic pretty evenly but now, only the big players base or crowd favorites receive attention . Yes they add some outsiders from time to time (Shen, Veigar etc.) , but they always focus on the favorites before and honestly, it make me sick. In no other game you see such favoritism.. Tencent really fucked up this game real good , that the only thing important is now ''Profits''. I miss when Riot actually decided of what they were doing of their game. Not some greedys chineses people only thinking about the money it will bring to fill their pockets even more...
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