I Am Becoming Garbage At My Main

I played Gangplank almost every game for 2 years (or more I am not sure anymore), currently sitting at just under a million points This post might seems useless but I really need help GP used to be so fun for me and I would preform incredibly every single game, pulling one parts on 5-mans, pentakills, destroying games and looking great doing it. But now I struggle to even hit a normal combo, I do stupid shit, my farm as well as kd fell down, I dont win lanes as hard (or at all), my ult placement is weird and when I just move around it feels different like im not strong even if im fed. And after every shitty play I make I just facepalm myself and think about what I should have done. Why is this like this, whats happening I still like my champion and I would trade every point I have to play a game of GP as I remember it being. If you give me any information on this, Thank you.
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