If you were transported to a uninhabited Island, How would you Survive?

Scenario - You are randomly transported to a Island with no one on it. Sure it can have some wild animals on it such as Boars, Bears, Deer and rabbits. Lets assume for the purpose of this scenario that you can not escape from the island and no one is going to come to save you. You must only survive for 1 week. Landscape of island - The island is about the size of Detroit Michigan so it is not tiny. It has a forest in the center so if you detour from the shore there is a forest with bears and tigers. There are some caves on the south but again there may be bears living in them. There is also a small river that has drinkable water and plenty of fishies. You do not want to drink water from the ocean, it has salt in it. There are also coconut Trees and Mango Trees but there is a large boar protecting them. What you have with you - A Large Knife A lighter A set of duel wielding pistols with 12 bullets A 5 pound hershey bar. A Porsche Convertible with 10 gallons of gas inside of it. Good luck How will you survive? Also I ask mods delete any troll posts on here. This is a serious scenario. NOTE:Being Rescued is not a option. You must survive the 7 days. You will be transported back to your house and you can keep the car so try not to shred it to pieces.
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