I give up.

I'm no longer angry, I'm just sad. After 10 years with League, if I want to play again, I must concede my login/username. Credentials that my account held since the day I started, and more broadly, ones that I used nearly everywhere I created an account over the 20 years I have had access to the internet. It doesn't matter that I had this account pretty much since the game went Live, it doesn't matter that it was active and in good standing (I received only one punishment, back in the old honor system), it doesn't matter that I've spent over $1000 during my time with the game. All that matters is that someone, at some point, created an account in a different region with the same username. They don't even need to be an active account, for all I know I'm waiting for a dead person to migrate their account. I spent 30 days pleading for an exception to be made and it ultimately cost me a deactivation of my support account. Even if at some point I'd be able to reclaim that login, or eventually chose to use a different one, the account is irreversibly (at least according to the support agent) damaged and effectively impossible to recover in the event of a hack. It is as secure as my 10-year claim on the login was in the service migration. It is as worthless to me, as Riot made it clear that I am to them. Just like my account, my opinion of Riot is also irreversibly damaged. Given the absolute rush-job that the "10 year anniversary" was, I can hardly believe my case, being made to give up a login that was "mine" for 10 years, is unique. Some "anniversary" that was... If this is how Riot has decided to treat it's veteran players, then I do not want to be a veteran: I want out. After 10 years with League, today is the first day that it will no longer be installed on my PC. I'll miss my 100% Sona skins and unlockables collection. {{sticker:sona-playing}}
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