My team sucks and I need help from anyone high elo

Hello. I made this post so many times but I am unranked, and my normal mar is low. I don't even know where to start. I'm not a salty bronze player who can't play I literally cannot carry my stupid team. those who say your in your elo for a reason might be true, but in my case its bS. My team is just too bad, I can't do anything! Like, u guys r probably thinking I'm acting bronze but I swear I'm better than this. I can't carry. here are a couple very irritating things people in my game do. -don't know how to get objectives -dont know how to end a leading game before 25 min, wen enemy has scaling champions -chasing for a singlee kill when we can put pressure on towers -dont buy wards for vision the most frustrating of all doesn't know how to utilize a lead I give them. I main reksai, and her early ranks are op, always get my team first blood give them a lead. we always lose for some reason. my team is so bad, the only champion I can carry with Is master yi, where I scale lategadme so manage to carry my boosted team.Maybe thats why I have a 71 percent win rate on yi, cuz I can't play any other champ with these boosted teams. I also once duoqued with a diamond friend and opponents were all plat and omg the game was way easier they were actually able to take good use of my reksai early game lead. I have to get out of this stupid hole. So, I am very open. This has just occurred 10000 times so I'm posting this, but I am taking into consideration if it is my fault, although I am 80 percent sure its not. I am open to any criticism. and really there is only 1 way to find out. If any of you guys are high plat or diamond + ,can anyone friend me and hop in a normal game with them? Not ranked just a normal game. I really want to see how I fair up with high elo players,(I already did once and went pretty good). I am determined to see if it is me or my team. I am open to any criticism. If anyone can friend me, and play a couple games with me it would be greatly appreciated. Here is my BTW. I had a 6 game win streak with yi, then I used reksai poof my team loses can't carry anymore
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