Waste of Getting to Gold -> Victorious Graves?

Honestly waste of time getting to Gold anymore, it seems like Riot goes for the least popular champs when making their decisions, without regard to what the community wants. Last year it was Maokai, I was S1 almost G5 on this account, coming back from a long break, ready to hit Gold...and then it was announced that Maokai would be the new Victorious Skin, and I think I logged off for another 2 months. I had a 74% winrate on Jhin in ranked across 60 matches with a high KDA, so it's not like I need have struggled to hit Gold (look me up on op.gg), it just simply wasn't worth my time. This season I was expecting a cool champ and skin, preferably a midlaner like LeBlanc, Katarina, or just something that has seen play. If the claim is that it takes 6-7 months to design a victorious skin, I highly disagree, there are significant inefficiencies in your process of creating those kinds of skins, as they share a common theme. Yes, modeling, particles, design decisions, etc. are not done at the snap of a finger, but if nothing else you could commit extra resources to the development of the skins to ensure that they are relevant, or even ask the players what they want, and keep that in mind. Picking a champ at the start of the season, within the first few months, and hoping that they'll stay relevant the whole season just feels like poor planning personally. I'd hazard a guess that Fiora, Riven, Poppy, Quinn, Darius, or even Malphite would have been far more popular choices by the community than Maokai. I think was drinking something when I saw that reveal, and had to clean up my monitor after I spit it all out on it in abject horror. If it's really Graves, that's kinda sad. He's not that popular of a champ for the majority of the season, and is extremely linear in skill-expression. You either hit your abilities, or you don't. Good alternatives would have included Katarina, LeBlanc, Cass, Syndra even. I'd think it was odd if we got Jhin ADC, if only because we got an ADC not that long ago, but I wouldn't mind, at least he has been consistently played pretty much every season and is popular at all elos. It was a terrible meme, that Urgot would be S7 Victorious (before his rework), but it honestly wouldn't surprise me if something like that happened.
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