I legit lost a ranked game because of how shitty your remake system is, Riot video games.

https://i.imgur.com/MsA85Sh.png My support Nautilus runs his game on a Windows 95 operating system, so he never truly connected to the game. Now, it never said "a summoner has disconnected" until 2:40 seconds into the game, so because of this, he was counted as "in the game", even though he never moved, nor bought a fucking item. It legit told me "You cannot call for a remake unless one of more players never connected to the game". Yeah, he legitimately never fucking connected until 8 minutes into the game, but it didn't matter because the Kayn and Katarina just dove Lucian under his tower mindlessly the entire game and won. How about we make it to where you can call for a remake if a player is literally just sitting in the fountain and hasn't bought an item. They shouldn't have to be connected, because the first 3 minutes of the game are so important in the meta.
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