Why won't I get an honor checkpoint?

Okay so i know i sound greedy but i really want good honor. I've been playing league on this account on and off since mid S2. The longest break from the game I ever had was the whole of S7. I started playing in S8 again and i like the new honor system. Previously I've had up to 5000+ honors total without getting a badge and I asumed it was because of a chatban around season 3-4, but i tought that would have had reset by now? I constantly get from 1-3 honors every game from strangers and always gets 2 or more honors from premade when i play with friends. I have even gotten 4 honors from strangers, it happens from time to time. I always log onto my account to get a key that says "You get 90% more honors then the avrage player" and "You have recently got 30 GG<3 honors". I play alot everyday, atleast 5 games and consistantly get honors. Still I am at rank 2, 0 checkpoints. I've had 0 progress. And no, I did not start S8 in honor rank 1, i started in honor rank 2 with 0 checkpoints. It's rediculous if that is because of my chatban in S3-4, It has been atleast 4 years. And nowheredays I'm not rly that toxic at all, I try to stay posetive and It acctually helps me win. I'm just concerned and constantly bothered that all my friends get checkpoints while i get double the honor and 0 checkpoints. Have you got a friend who has had this problem? idk i just want to know if its actually bcs of the chatban... What do you think? Whats your experiences? Ty so much :)
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