RIOT Promotes all the worst in gaming

No one even reads this but just in case someone actually cares have you noticed how more and more game modes, may it be normal, aram or tft, you almost always have issues that are based on RNG. And you have to repeat game over game and game again to get even remotely balanced games. **Normal mode** - You get AFK players, or bad counterpicks on enemy team, premades on one side, highly ranked on one side **Aram** - You get completely one-sided games - called STOMP, may it be based on tanks, healers, premades take your pick. 9/10 games **TFT** - You drop items for tanks while playing mages , vice versa, you get no champs you need even tho they are available, or you get totally wrong important items towards the end of the mode, like light, inferno, berzerker items for wrong team composition. There are countless examples of mechanics based on randomly generated circumstances that often overweighs skilled gameplay. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}[](
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