Smurfs in Solo Queue.

They'll BM you as soon as laning phase starts. They'll play a lategame scaling champion. They'll beat you in lane with the help of their cheesy jungler who they're coordinating with. They'll call you bad. They'll BM in /all chat when the game is ending with "better ___ wins". Then you'll ask them if they actually think you're bad in postgame chat. They'll tell you no, and what you did aside from what lost laning phase to the onslaught of cheese was very good and what you were supposed to do. They'll tell you your build was fine, despite your jungler saying it's garbage and spam-pinging your items as you purchased them after they ran into your lane and fed more kills. They'll tell you you did a good job roaming, teamfighting and helping other lanes post-laning phase. They'll say if you play a champ you're more familiar with you'll do better in lane next time. You'll tell them that's literally all you play. They'll say that's fine and admit they're a diamond Korean smurf on a Gold III NA account. --------------------------------------- This isn't to say that smurfing is inherently the worst thing about League ever, or that "my jungler sucked last game" or anything like that. It's to wholly portray just what queuing into ranked is like right now on your own for those who either are unfamiliar with ranked or are having trouble climbing. Assuming you aren't a smurf and therefore your team has a less likely chance of having a smurf than the other, you will always be on the short end of the stick. **And therefore you must always play LIKE you're a smurf in ranked in order to actually climb.** No ifs, ands or buts about it - if you aren't ready for anything, don't queue into Ranked. It'll be a waste of time. Don't waste a higher-ranked friend's time in Duo Queue either. I myself should have taken a long water break before considering queuing into that ranked game as I was zoning out and awestruck at my new loss streak right after a 7-game winstreak, thinking "surely my luck will change". That is no excuse. The shame is on me in that I wasn't at my peak nor playing with an optimal mindset going into that or the two games before then, yet queue'd up anyway. Be at your peak in every ranked game you play. No exceptions.
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