Why are we attacking Riot for the whole Nightblue3 thing?

This was clearly an isolated incident. It's not like the whole of Riot comes together to decide the fate of each individual report. It was probably just one guy and now the higher-ups are probably just as furious as we are. You've got good spirit, guys, but make sure you actually look where you're directing it. This isn't just an excuse to hop on Riot _again_; this is the time when you need to say "hey, Riot, you need to look into this". They probably have loads of people each individually working on reports. Of course it's going to be easy for just one of these people to fly under the radar. However, now that they've shown themselves, Riot can go in and deal with it. This is not the time to be antagonizing Riot; we should work _with_ them against the common enemy.
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