Can we petition to stop the Voli rework?

Look I get that most of you play 5s (Summoners Rift) but I soley play ARAM and Im pretty decent at it. Voli is one of my main champs and I wreck with him every time. I get that this game revolves around 5s but can I be a selfish sally and ask to stop the reworks!? Maybe add like a legacy mode or something. The argument is that the old champs dont hold up against the new champs but I never fail to put up a good fight with them. I understand that this game isnt focused around ARAM but every rework takes a chunk out of me and I cant be the only one, ARAM or not. Can we some how stop these reworks and beg Riot to just introduce new champs with similar kits? Am I missing something? Why cant they just leave old characters alone? They have reworked so many old champs that its becoming a heartbreak now. Some of the reworks are fun but I still want to play the old champs. This is coming strictly from an ARAM perspective so I understand if its out of line. Ive just been playing this game since 2012 and Im tired of losing my favorite champs.
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