So a Yasuo game going 21-4-9 with 257 cs is just an A+? Care to explain?

So I played a Yasuo game. in this game, despite all odds, we won. i won lane against akali who i struggle with, my jhin went 1-13 with the famous line, "y'all will carry so it doesnt matter if I feed. In the end we pulled through and won the game. I i even got an unofficial penta, killing all of them but not quick enough. still ill take the quad. At the end of the game i went 21-4-9, had 257 cs, a total of 19,812 gold. 50,056 total damage. A vision score of 24. And you know i was happy to get a mastery 6 token. i get in and the enemy was a little salty, which didnt hurt my ego. When i hovered over my icon i expected at the last an S-. instead i was met by what is now the most depressing thing i've seen other than a dying animal. I had got, an A+. in a matter of seconds I ran through the entire cycle of denial. I sparaticaly my cursor off an on the portrait, hoping it was a visual glitch. instead I was left crying at my lack of an S. my friends were of course no help. when I explained what had happened how I was so emotionally upset that I hadn't got an S they simply replied, "guess who has got an S on Yasuo? Guess who has got a penta on Yasuo? Us!" I was thoroughly broken.Then i had an Idea, why not ask the good people of Riot themselves! So here i am Riot! And I just got the ask, why, when i've gotten an S with games far worse than this one, is this an S. I know you're busy and you can't get the every crying yasuo player, but im a patient man. If there's one thing i've learned it's that good things come to those who wait, so here I am, waiting for my answer. **UPDATE** I understand what you people are saying, but I have something to add. I played another game, same length as the previous at 44 minutes. This game I went 12-5-8 with 276 farm. about 3/5 kill participation and a vision score of 30. yet, even with the lesser KDA I got an S-. why does this game get an S but the previous doesn't? And for note my kill participation in the previous was about 55%
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