Be humble in victory, gracious in defeat.

You ever stomp a team so hard, you question what they might be thinking? You ever get stomped so hard, you question what you and your team are thinking? Think about the game. There are 10 people in a game. That means you and 9 other people. Take time to consider the god awful day that someone in your game or multiple people may be having a terrible day or just wanted to casually play some league. Don't flame the enemy team and be rude and obnoxious. It shows what type of person you are truly. A keyboard warrior. I always find it humorous when I get flamed in the elo I am in or across any elo. They are the same rank I am, same play style, and are here with me regardless of it they like it or not. Winning one game out of 30 in a day doesn't make you a based god at league. Consider everyone's emotions and mental in the game. Say you have a comeback that is amazing. Don't flame the other team or insult them. Sure it might be easy, but you don't know how that will effect their gameplay for the next 10 games. I by no means take anything anyone says on the internet to heart, but there are others that do. Be humble and gracious in whatever you do. I just had a game where we were doing decent. A sej who was obviously a bought account or smurf decides to leave. Didnt hear a peep from the other team up until that point. Then the enemies decided to start spamming spanked in the chat towards our adc. Our adc was getting dumped on early, sure. But she was doing decent towards the ending of the game. Just because someone does something that you think is stupid in league, you don't have to belittle them to let them know. Constructive criticism is better than insulting. Take the time to realize that other people have emotions and attitudes as well and what you say just might effect them. Im gold. The chances of me playing with someone ever again are slim to none. Diamond and above however may be a different story. Youd be surprised at the amount of friends you could make online be being nice instead of being an asshat. Maybe you make friends and climb elo faster? Who knows. You wont know if you flame them. /rant {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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