The cheat detection in League is way too twitchy

I sometimes have some issues with the "Critical Error" bug that affects some people because I like developing my own personal trainers for single player games with Cheat Engine. For those who don't know, the critical error is just Riot's cheat detection that closes the game. It scans the processes and windows open after about 30 seconds into loading/ingame, and also scans every new process that enters the system memory while the game runs. Problem is: it's way too sensitive. Here's a list things that trigger your game to close that aren't actually affecting League, in order of most reasonable to least. 1) Having Cheat Engine open with an unrelated program loaded (ie scanning Half Life 2) 2) Having Cheat Engine open with nothing loaded 3) Having a random program named Cheat Engine open 4) Having a browser connected to 5) Having a browser opened to a google search of cheat engine??? 6) Having a folder called Cheat Engine open????? I realize the need to protect your game, but I literally can't even have a folder open called "My Cheat Tables" when I play league?
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