Here are the reasons why we can't have 100% pure utility supports.

**They are either extremely broken or extremely useless** In the past: Shield/support meta was way too strong, and got shut down by like 3 separate nerfs Current season: We will have some heal support, while trying to fend off a Brand/Zyra from killing us. There's literally nothing a Soraka can do if Pyke pulls us. There is nothing our team can do if the enemy goes for that juicy FIRE DRAKE. It's partly due to drakes being so strong, that now more than ever it's TERRIBLE to have a "scaling" bot lane. **Tanky supports die to mage supports** Literally an Annie can do what Alistar/Braum can do with 1 tibbers.. at range.. We see this trinkling all the way up to TOP LANE. Kennen pick/ban/lose. **Too much burst damage** In the past: there really wasn't any damage to break through Janna 300+ shields. Currently: Shield meta was nerfed, now everyone is running around with ignite and electrocute doing 500-1000+ burst damage from each champ. You can play any ADC, get hooked / stunned / rooted. Only to instantly die to PTA + Electrocute ignite. Nothing your support can do there. **Bot lane losing literally means you have to play a 3v5** Except there's no counter-play around ADC's with Infinity Edge + RPC range damage. No mid lane in the game can deal with that kind of burst damage, it's just so easy to tower dive people (That are behind). Bot lane losing - lose every dragon, and vision on the map. There's just so much kill pressure in the game, that as soon as someone is 1 level behind, every single lane can converge and constantly kill them with superior level advantage. **Level Advantage is HUGE** Better heal, stronger single ability burst, ULTIMATES, SUMMONER SPELL damage (ignite), armor and magic resistances to alleviate mistakes. (All of those videos of Irelia 1v3ing under tower? Yea.)
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