Daniel Z Klein isn't the issue. The majority at Riot share his opinions.

I found 37 Rioters and 4 former Rioters out of 72 Riot Twitter accounts who were in favor of the event - after the event began to receive backlash. I found 1 who liked a tweet that said the philosophy of the event wasn't good, but also liked a thread supporting it, so who knows. Most of the rest didn't comment or retweet on the stuff (though more than half of those accounts were inactive). At best, I saw 37 (plus 4 former Rioters) in favor versus 1 Rioter maybe against. 37-1 or 41-1. Either one is a pretty massive ratio. It smacks of a culture that is very accepting of misandrist ideas. Private messages that either a Rioter leaked or someone outside was somehow able to get access to. 1 https://i.gyazo.com/ef5fc74d3fc10efcb78f79e63caa55f1.png 2 https://i.gyazo.com/785882e5d39083272a6619b9af69e9aa.png 3 https://imgur.com/U6pFb1d
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