[VERY DETAILED] League of Legends complete champion guide for new players

https://imgur.com/KKGZU1t hi im nunu player and i make good guide for new people and i hope u like ty :) https://imgur.com/N5w6pPy https://imgur.com/prj3zAj me last post was deleted bc it was very offensive and mean so pls boards ppl if there is anything offensive in it don't ban me just tell me in the comments what is bad and i will change it ok :( --- https://imgur.com/tVrn0NZ **red succ stick man:** hit enemy people with red stick and get health. faster attack means more blood succ and u don't die so build that :) --- https://imgur.com/IMimYhH **[CENSORED BY BOARDS PPL SRY NO FUNNY JOKE :(]** --- https://imgur.com/Na4gOas **invisible cloud lady:** put face on keyboard and hit nose on button. you may also roll face all around board to maximize dps. --- https://imgur.com/thbD7oO **cow:** do the smashy attack on the ground to make people fly. you are also purple so u can b friends with baron nashor and other void people easy. --- https://imgur.com/mepuETH **sad toilet paper person:** build tanky items like the spikey shirt and the green boots. it makes u able to not die so u have mroe time to make friends with guys :) --- https://imgur.com/ppsINaQ **cold water chicken:** use wall to trap enemies in the ice storm thingy and hit e and q on ppl too. --- https://imgur.com/h99Yq7Q **lava girl (no sharkboy tho):** press buttons until white swirly thingy comes up and then use your bear move. --- https://imgur.com/V5Or0fh **ass:** right clikc on enemies and press r from far distance. u build ap if u want 2 be in a brofresco (or some other youtuber lkie that) video only tho. --- https://imgur.com/eVvzDsY **aureleoleeloeloeoleloeloeollon soul:** don't stand in bush or u die. u can yell at enemies to push them into ur balls. --- https://imgur.com/BSK6ATa **yellow bird:** make sand castles on the beach and give them sticks to make sand people. right click on guys to kill. --- https://imgur.com/ibmL9vw **BWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG person:** do the BWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG move. also leave lane and ur adc 2 die bc u need ur meep buddies to win game. --- https://imgur.com/CrStovu **grab toaster:** in a team fight grab the tanky people that have cc so u can kill them first and then the enemy team has no more cc for the rest of the fight!! --- https://imgur.com/B2vw1Lk **fire guy:** use fire magic :) --- https://imgur.com/j18LRF0 **Brom:** play against varus bc there's a secret passive that when u play against him u get a powerful poro suit with a poro gun and u can carry ur team. --- https://imgur.com/hLk1HQ2 **egirl #1:** play if u like traps --- https://imgur.com/jqokiAe **cutty feet:** make sure to use ur feet a lot to kill people so u can do stuff. build items like swords to make ur feet more pointy. --- https://imgur.com/ARCNBdw **psycho mantis?:** make people look at ur face bc it's very ugly and then they turn into stone. then u can use poison moves like the one where u shoot 2 snake teeth at them. --- https://imgur.com/4grQrv2 **eat monster:** eat people and one shot literally any1 in the game bc u are tanky and tanks are supposed to 1shot people with no counter play. --- https://imgur.com/XrXEpTr **aeroplane bro:** u have a secret passive that when u play with a janna ur character runs it down mid automatically. u can also say "hehexd" 2 maximize ur feeding potential. idk it might make u go fastr or someting. --- https://imgur.com/7R8rqPe **angry bloody axe warrior:** make people bleed by cutting them a lot and then use the BIG DUNK MOVE to get a pentakill. --- https://imgur.com/hPOB18q **moon woman:** ok so for this person u need to do a lot of moon stuff. like you use the one that shoots in the shape of the moon. --- https://imgur.com/RUGXS8i **strong roid monkey:** use the fire ring move around you (because you are a very angry dominant male) and throw meat cleavers to slow and damage people. --- https://imgur.com/Ids83ki **feed down mid man:** u need to 1 trick smurf him and play him anywhere (except jg) and then feed mid if ur jg doesn't gank u or ur support is bad. his w movement speed helps u feed mid more. this synnergizes with boots. --- https://imgur.com/RdiGSTL **[CENSORED BY BOARDS PPL SRY NO FUNNY JOKE :(]** --- https://imgur.com/QZWvvut **spider:** throw ur web to win the game. --- https://imgur.com/yWerWWe **[CENSORED BY BOARDS PPL SRY NO FUNNY JOKE :(]** --- https://imgur.com/40zXSUP **[CENSORED BY BOARDS PPL SRY NO FUNNY JOKE :(]** --- https://imgur.com/iJJzera **fidblesbicks:** use w so u can SSUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC forever. your bird friends to lots of damage so use those too. --- https://imgur.com/PN8aN1u **hashinshin destroyer:** hit the weak spots of the person ur against. play against hashinshin for maximum tilting potential. --- https://imgur.com/RckMn0o **shark boy (no lava girl tho):** use ur shark and be a very slippery boy with your moves. --- https://imgur.com/0Uvv9Q0 **galio:** use your justice punch because it's charged up with a lot of justice and justice does damage or something. u can also ask rito employees to overbuff him for no reason (like in patch 7.21) and make them hotfix him immediately. --- https://imgur.com/ju6duXq **barrel pirate:** eat oranges because oranges are tasty. barrels aren't as tasty so you can just explode them to do dmg instead of eating them. --- https://imgur.com/cnjGvRP **gayrin:** [CENSORED] but u can use a spin move to kill people. --- https://imgur.com/Wwht8g8 **nar:** if ur angry u can become donkey kong for a few seconds and go bananas. --- https://imgur.com/PbXU1gj **mister fat:** drink ur grape soda (NOT BEER BC BEER IS BAD AND SHOULD BE CENSORED) and slam people with it. --- https://imgur.com/9TwaLBO **smoke man:** b sure to smoke all the cigars u can before riot censors ur cigar again and takes it away. --- https://imgur.com/kbCRkcL **horsey:** ur a horse and u can run fast --- https://imgur.com/5cgJLzM **smartypants:** he's so smart that he can understand rick and motry humor bc it requires a lot of iq 2 understand and he also knows a basic grasp of theoratical physics. --- https://imgur.com/G5hnTaO **strong woman**: ur strong and can lift a lot bc u r a strong woman and independent. u can use ur green noodle buddies to bodyslam themselfs onto the bad guys. u also praise some kind of god probably like- **[IF I EVEN TOUCH THE BORDERS OF REAL RELIGEONS BOARDS PPL WILL PROBABLY BAN ME SRY NO FUNNY JOKE :(]** --- https://imgur.com/qsSbwjC **gbay99:** don't play her unless u wan2 b stuck D5 forever --- https://imgur.com/bDDQjTr **friendly bush man:** he was formerly known as president bush and he can make bushes with his magic bush powers. also use ur big stone person to poop all over ur enemies and kill them. --- https://imgur.com/qjDjhXs **egirl #2:** don't play unless ardent is good again for like a billion months straight while people beg riot ghostcrawler 2 change it for the entire time. --- https://imgur.com/wEOwWTv **jar man 5:** ur secret passive makes it so u can open 5 jars super fast. this is helpful in game bc like if u need to escape u can open a pickle jar super fast to throw the pickles at their eyes 2 blind them --- https://imgur.com/PCR4F9s **jack:** u can use ur spinny move to become invinsibul for a few second and then do a frog jump onto them to stun enemies. there is a bug u can exploit rn where u can grow a big beanstalk and then get a golden egg 2 sell 4 a lot of gold. --- https://imgur.com/9fJRD11 **optimus prime:** u do a lot of dmg and can kill ppl and have fucking 8 abilities which makes it impossibolls to out trade u. when u kil an enemy u can say sometink like autobots rol out! and roll away bc ur hammer transforms and like trandsformers transforms so it's a funny joke so laugh and call me a funny man pls --- https://imgur.com/XaL1lAy **fourskin (s):** he has 4 skins rn and he likes the number 4 so that makes him super strong rn bc he's insipred by the number 4 which makes him extra powerful. u should play him before he gets 5 skins. --- https://imgur.com/vmqzUNH **egirl #3:** ok so u have like a big boom boom gun and then a little tiny ratattattt gun. use your big boom one in the later game and then the little ratratatatatata one wen u dont wantto be useless early game --- https://imgur.com/FP3Wrzx **britteny speers:** u have spears and kill people because u r angry and want vengance. if u have a buddy boy in the bot lane u can to the big knockup tackle attack to engage. --- https://imgur.com/6tSR7Ab **bitch:** she is a bitch bc karma is a bitch and if u do bad stuff then karma will do bad stuf 2 u and if u do good stuff then good ting will hapen 2 u :) !!! --- https://imgur.com/PWCNsCl **karthos:** ok so ur super ugly and useless but then u can use the 5 person killing blast to evicerate the bad boys. also make fun about how theres only the R button on the keyboard when playing him when ur out of jokes and scuffed and unfunny youtuber. --- https://imgur.com/TUQDTv8 **kassaWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN:** ok so when ur in tcs can u say KASSAWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN when u win then theres a secret bug where instead of 50 gold u get 100 gold from killing the nexus. this is super helpful. --- https://imgur.com/1Hdnyob **knife lady:** throw ur knives.she is bad unless u r making a penta kill montage and then going wow me so good! subcribe 2 me!!!!! me good knife girl player!!!!!! ! --- https://imgur.com/48akrFe **kale:** ok so shes not the vegetable kind of kale and u can't put her in salad but u can boost bronze 5 ppl with kayle yi top and then spawn a million clickbait bideos with WOW SO OP!!! with a black silhouette and red circle and arrows pointing to it with a super gud score on top of it. --- https://imgur.com/mXO4Qaa **pepsi and cola man:** u pick the blue one if u like pepsi and the red one if u like cola. pick both if ur an abomination of nature. --- https://imgur.com/bZ0ntaR pikachu: build ad items bc it's cooler bc u throw ninja stars like a ninja. thunder is boring. --- https://imgur.com/EXJWzr5 **scyther:** trade him with another person if u want to evolve him into a scizor (u need to make it hold a metal jacket b4 u trade) --- https://imgur.com/E3qVk2H kinder egg: ur banned in america so u can't play in that area unless u want to be jailed. use ur puppy to bite the enemy and then u can shoot them with ur arrows. --- https://imgur.com/ic6WPL9 **angry person and yoshi:** ur little yoshi friend is very scared so he will run away from u if u take 2 much dmg. u can get him back by csing until the sun implodes or just hit the enemy guy a lot. --- https://imgur.com/IkBLEF2 **mister ardent censer: **ur passive is aoe and is super good for csing so u can walk into lane and die to get ur passive and then kill the minions. it's ok if the enemy adc is getting kils bc cs iss worth mroe than kills. --- https://imgur.com/lutzkF8 **the useless cone maker:** ur clone is useless bc it's obvious when it's the clone. play this person if she isnt banned bc riot balance employees hate making champions fun to play against --- https://imgur.com/YaSgCLh **blind:** https://imgur.com/QhCi6cQ --- https://imgur.com/8UVfpHj **sundae bae:** counter her by wearing sunglasses because you take less dmg from her. she does a lot of damage and can engage a lot --- https://imgur.com/TXooEo3 **frosty the snowwoman:** ok u might not know this but her ice isn't ice it's actually a type of ice that doesn't melt so u can put it in ur pillow and it makes ur pillow always cool and then u don't have to flip it. --- https://imgur.com/PsXuPPG **[CENSORED BY BOARDS PPL SRY NO FUNNY JOKE :(]** --- https://imgur.com/7NDiRrt **egirl #4:** fuck ardent censer. --- https://imgur.com/TqJ5moC **egirl #5:** don't build sightstone bc u need to carry ur team with ap items. ur adc is actually just an ad support. --- https://imgur.com/TUMrmqu **dwayne:** ur a rock. do rock stuff. --- https://imgur.com/3rSlzPs **space aids man:** use ur space aids on guys to give them space aids and then they will die bc they have space aids and space aids kills people because it's space aids. --- https://imgur.com/pxUwo3u **maoguy:** u don't die so if u want to u can tape down the mouse button to move top lane while u leave the computer. he keeps healing 100% of his hp back. when u come back u should have a victory showing on screen. --- https://imgur.com/LouN4Rq **mister yi:** just like maoguy u can tape down the mouse button and win the game. u have lots of eyes so u can see a lot of stuff. --- https://imgur.com/JZD6LHv **jessica rabbit:** do the bang bang bang bang with your guns and laugh like a maniac while doing it. and also [CENSORED BC I WILL PROBABLY GET BANNED SRY NO FUNNY JOKE :(] --- https://imgur.com/d3nsYEj **heavy metal band guitar player:** all his moves are named after metal music. this is why you have a lot of metal stuff in ur kit. u can also catch the dragon and get a big spooky ghost dragon to kill everyone until it dies after it's already dead. --- https://imgur.com/7NBRnD9 **morgana freeman:** only call her morgana freeman if ur an unfunny person that can only make overused jokes to try and desperately entertain people. --- https://imgur.com/atUIsCD **egirl #6:** fuck ardent censer. --- https://imgur.com/8eO1h99 **good boy:** whos a good boy u are oh yes ur a good boy you you wanna go out 4 a walk u wanna go for a walk yea? ok lets go for a walk good boy heres a treat --- https://imgur.com/ViGbKH4 **sea man**: u come from the ocean and have lots of sea powers. use the sea powers to do damage and cc (sea sea) people. you can also use ur anchor to go fishing for tasty fish. --- https://imgur.com/sphJoc8 **is she a cat or human pls tell me idk:** throw your spears and then go into your cat form to jump on them and slishy slashy on their faces. --- https://imgur.com/AzqHqn1 **darkness guy:** the louder u yell DARKNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS the m ore dark it becomes and the more dmg ur ult does. --- https://imgur.com/vmovyTf **Nunu, the Yeti Rider:** Also sometimes known as Jesus Christ himself, Nunu is a tanky support based jungler that excels at counter jungling. His playstyle changes throughout the course of the game. In the early game, he is a hyper aggressive ganker, objective taker, and counter jungler. In the late game, you are a very support based jungler that specializes in disengaging bad fights, buffing your adc, and peeling your entire team. Nunu has one of the most impactful ultimates in the entire game, both in the early and late game. In the early game, it does massive amounts of damage to help with both ganking and outdueling enemies when counter jungling. In the late game, the large slow field makes it extremely hard for any assassin to jump onto your squishies. He is also very reliable due to his amazing synnergy with the items **Locket of the Iron Solari**, **Warmog's Armor**, and **Gargoyle Stoneplate**. His naturally high health stats combined with these items provide a massive shield for your entire team when you proc the locket. An alternative item to Gargoyle stoneplate, is Frozen heart. This item absolutely cripples attack speed based marksmen such as Twitch and Kog'Maw. Frozen Heart's attack speed slowing aura can combine with Nunu's ult and his E to make the enemy marksman deal next to no DPS for a long duration. As for builds, I recommend building a Cinderhulk enchanted Tracker's knife. Try to buy boots before you finish your Tracker's knife (unless you intend on constantly invading the enemy jungle). The additional 20% health helps you with your locket potential, and makes the dragon easier to clear, as Nunu lacks in consistent DPS. After this, build a Knight's Vow, Warmogs Armor, Locket of the Iron Solari, and either Frozen heart or Gargoyle Stoneplate. When clearing the jungle, clear Red > Wolves > Blue on the blue side, and Blue > Red > Scuttle on the red side. You do scuttle instead on the red side of the map because people on the blue side start with the red buff, which gives them a much faster clear time. The reason why this is crucial is because after you finish clearing your first 3 camps, you must IMMEDIATELY go to the enemy jungler's secondary buff to try and snag it. If the enemy jungler is still doing the camp, you can literally just walk up and Q+Smite, or just keep auto attacking the buff. Usually, for almost every single jungler in the game, you will be able to completely ignore them and simply keep auto attacking the buff until it's low enough to Q+Smite. k bye. --- https://imgur.com/8NXFOEe **axe body spray:** u smell nice becos u use axe body spray gold temptation edition. if u throw ur axe body spray at people you slow them and do damage. --- https://imgur.com/zEGbY2s **pokimane:** if u r pokimane then u miss all of ur ults but if ur not pokimane then u win the game and become actually useful --- https://imgur.com/gPuzRVr **corn:** braum counters u bc he has lots of poros and they eat ur eggs so u starve to death. --- https://imgur.com/OZ4c4CZ **pantyon:** u can smash early game but then ur useless late game so make sure to mandrop onto people a lot and body them before it's too late. --- https://imgur.com/e85mwKN **poop:** send team rocket blasting off again with your big hammer smash. --- https://imgur.com/lkSguzA **vandril:** useless but good for making videos about how fast u r --- https://imgur.com/h0aE7zo **male bird and becky:** play these 2 together if ur a guy that wants to date an egirl so u pick the 2 so u can play bot lane together and then talk to the girl a lot which makes u super happy fun time. --- https://imgur.com/HyTpsPo **sonic the hegdhe hog:** u can rock and roll into ur enemies and make them mad and force them to attack u and then kill themselves bc ur spiky shell does dmg for some reason when u shoot him from far range. --- https://imgur.com/CJqnX7Z **rek'man:**don't get killed or else u will die -- https://imgur.com/PpOTX6L **dangerous lizard:**he is a very dangerous lizard man. he really hates doggos and wants 2 kill all doggos. --- https://imgur.com/6Fn89nK **danger cat:** u do a lot of damage and can bounce off of bushes to do big damage. idk y but bushes are super bouncy like trampolines for him. he has an ultimate where he hacks rito geams hq and makes an invisible bouncy trampoline (bush) on top of him and jumps onto people. make sure to throw lots of e-bolas. --- https://imgur.com/Jvq11oh **miss tryhard:** play her if u think u r a mechanical god and wan2 b like boxbox or viper rank 1 but then get stuck g5 forever. u can also share ur good scores and pentakils from normal games or bot geams to brag and make urself feel better. --- https://imgur.com/uUQYPjK **fire boy:** u use fire and stuff to burn enemies with ur hot rap skills bc it's fire. for them to die is your desire. then the enemy will be a crier. then prior to the adcs gunfire you can get a big tire and throw it in a laundry dryer and sing in a choir. with the money you earned you will be payed and your amount of money will be higher. you'll have so many items that the enemy team will just unplug the wire and then the wire. FIRE. --- https://imgur.com/Qm4y8at **pepe smurf:** use your ult to smurf those smurfs up their smurf. then the enemy laner will smurfing smurf out, and maybe even dc. make sure to do the correct combos or else ur smurfed. --- https://imgur.com/fNFZHko **pig woman:** swing ur butter sock around like a helicopter and hit lots of people with it. if u throw it like a bola then ppl get frozen bc the butter was refrigerated and is very cold. ur big pig can slam the enemies too. --- https://imgur.com/JzLdvHG **shaco (pronounced shay-co you poopoo heads):** ur rly good at boxing so u can use ur boxes to box with people. if u wear the boxes on ur hands then they are boxing gloves. they will do a lot of dmg if u hit them with it. --- https://imgur.com/t1aUjX3 **teleporty person:** the big teleporty purple thingy is super gud 4 ur team unless ur stuck b5 then ur useless bc u don't look at the map. use the big glowing stick to do more damages. --- https://imgur.com/F5kV67Q **dragon:** become a big dragon man that is very strong. ur twin bite thing comes from the chompy things on ur hands like idk do ur hands have teeth or something? does her mouth not have teeth and are on her hands instead? rito pls. --- https://imgur.com/BozfI0Z **shit farter:** fart ur gas everywhere. it is very smelly so it makes people poisoned and die. --- https://imgur.com/laFHhYc **usain bolt:** u r a professional athlete and run very fast. so fast that u do a huge man slam onto the enemies and stun them forever. ur so athletic that ur instinctively muscles try to kill ppl even after ur dead. --- https://imgur.com/uR41113 **big baddaboomerang girl:** u have a boomerang that u throw and does dmg. u also have a loud shout and makes ppl faster and idk y maybe bc she makes her own team scared?? u r an adc so don't go 2 close even tho ur range is bad. --- https://imgur.com/kv5uOuH **useless champion:** dont play him. he is literally rock candy and u can eat him and he will die. --- https://imgur.com/BtJXfTs **egirl #7:** fuck ardent censer. --- https://imgur.com/OWkDsCD **egirl #8:** fuck ardent censer. --- https://imgur.com/VDfKW3h **bird lord:** u r a bird lord so u can control all birds like the sand bird and becky. play him against these champs bc u can make it 6v4. ur countered by fidblesbicks bc ur birds r u afraid of him bc hes a spooky scarecrow man --- https://imgur.com/Tv99RZi **ball woman:** use ur magic balls to kill people. the more balls u have the more damage ur balls do in ur big ball blast attack. --- https://imgur.com/akRsdzg **tom:** u eat people bc u area very hungry boy. u need to lick them a lot first tho bc u need 2 make sure they don't taste bad. u can use ur ult to swim in the ground (but with water?!?!!??!!?) 2 a far away area. pls click on him when he opens his mouth and it looks like this: https://imgur.com/QWvRpQ9 --- https://imgur.com/NRLfaNl **rock block:** she can rock block u when u want to kill her. also if ur out of jokes and are a scuffed youtuber here s joke 4 u. shes donald trump bc she builds a wall HAHA HEHE XDD SO FUNNY! ! use rocks to do damage. --- https://imgur.com/yTbsx8K **assassins creed:** ur from a shitty game made from a shittier company so naturally you would be shitty and buggy. but ur not. u have cool parkour moves and can backflip out and them dab on haters. the cringe does bonus true dmg onto enemies (AND ALLIES SO B CAREFUL) which can get u kills. --- https://imgur.com/glMOMfv **[CENSORED BY BOARDS PPL SRY NO FUNNY JOKE :(]** --- https://imgur.com/yTjM27A **fuck you:** fuck him. doesnt deserve to have areal spot in this guide. --- https://imgur.com/BwSeP5C **spooky hook boy:** use your spooky hook and ur spooky lantern to collect spooky green balls when someone dies. this makes u tanky af. for some people the lantern is completely invisible which is why nobody clicks on it (probably) --- https://imgur.com/dlquAzT **boom boom yordle:** you go boom boom on the towers and enemies with your big spikey boom boom ball. this does a lot of dmg. if anyone jumps on u. u can push them a way with the BIG MUMBO JUMBO BUNGO TUNGO BOOM move and keep urself save by pushing them away. --- https://imgur.com/ZR0XsOO **troll face:** u r an ice troll man but 4 some reason ppl don't run down mid with him. instead they do it with nunu :\ bite people with your teeth and hit them with ur popsicle that u bought from walmart. --- https://imgur.com/g7js7sy **riot tryndamere:** ur the cofounder of riot graymes so obviously when u play him u get blessed by riot tryndamere and get extra lucky. u will get more crits and better team mates. right click onto people to do damage. his right arm is very strong because he has anchor arms but lost 1 of them so he can only have it for 1 arm --- https://imgur.com/MImI0ew **pokemon card expert:** use ur ~~yugioh~~ i mean ~~magic the gathering~~ oops i mean ~~hearthstone~~ oops i mean pokemon cards to damage people. u use ur pokemon cards but dont ever actually play the game and just go up 2 other kids and say that urs is better bc its cool and shiny and is an ex card. u can also use them as a currency if ur in grade 1-4. --- https://imgur.com/Erhi6UQ **danger rat:** use ur stinky smells to make people sick. ur late game is super good bc u can just press r and then go SKRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRA and then press e for a penta. --- https://imgur.com/FOnV1gs **manbearpig:** do not play against al gore or else u will die. --- https://imgur.com/89VXm0P **gun spider:** ur a spider but with a gun and a meat grinder. if u miss ur q ur useless and die so gl in ranked. --- https://imgur.com/im8Yi2b **edgy bow:** he is a darkin man bow person. you can snipe people from far range with your q ability and do dmg. u do mixed dmg so ur good against tanky ppl. --- https://imgur.com/Bw6ajEx **rick:** ur rick from rick and morty and he is very smart like the smartypants guy so he understands the humor and has a very high iq. he uses robots to attack people and do damage. he can make such complex mechanical thingies bc he has a very high iq and can understand rick and morty humor. --- https://imgur.com/KcG0SxE **mrs. feed:** her secret passive makes the player think that they are gosu and can 1v5 but instead go 1/7 and then blame support and jungler. this is avoidable by not playing her. --- https://imgur.com/t06077U **dark and evil tyler1:** ur a very short midget that is 5'6 so it's funny to people how short u are. but be careful bc he cses a lot and gets a lot of moolah (otherwise known as moochalaaaah) for late game and can buy items. --- https://imgur.com/kGry0db **nerd:** he is very nerdy and analyzes things a lot with his knowledge suc moves. he is also the kind of person that understands rick and morty humor. --- https://imgur.com/hXXy2u5 **egirl #9:** u don't see her very much bc most egirls don't play jg but when they have 2 they play this person. --- https://imgur.com/yvKNADK **red koolaid guy:** it's not blood its red koolaid. when u ult people and they know they will die and say 'OH NO!' then u need to say 'OHHHH YEAAAAAAAH' preferably when u break into their house by busting in through the wall --- https://imgur.com/WxYMAUZ **carebear:** u come from a bad tv show about bears that care except u dont care bc u r an independent man bear. --- https://imgur.com/kgyHohA **dog:** take him out for walks regularly and make sure to feed him low fat high protein food. do not overfeed treats or else he will become spoiled and harder to train. --- https://imgur.com/0qKKJCe **boots:** u r boots. boots is a strong independant monkey ever since he left dora. he has a big staff and can smash people with it. --- https://imgur.com/O9HsQVb **scripter:** stop scripting pls ur bronze --- https://imgur.com/VtYozKd **stabby stick boy:** stab them with your stabby stick and then knock them up. if ur 2 scared to 1v5 like a real man then ult and run away --- https://imgur.com/e6i2W4B **anime destroyer:** destroy all anime --- https://imgur.com/GdwBvOx **shovel knight:** use ur shovel to make little minion buddies. if u throw ur e onto them then ur little minion buddies will think the enemy smells very nice which will make them want to go near the enemy and then savagely tear the enemy to shreds. --- https://imgur.com/vUW607c **flubber:** bounce around with your green goo body. the end. --- https://imgur.com/BPCly7i **scissor hands:** u have scissors for hands which can counter the pokemon card person because scissors beats paper. --- https://imgur.com/ZO8aFK4 **blast rat:** bomb towers to 1 shot them and kill towers fast. smash the q button and do damage. --- https://imgur.com/P12iWL7 **clock grandpa:** he is very old and has magic clock magic. make people fast bc u speed up time and then revive people bc u fucking said so and you werent only fucking asking them to come back to life. --- https://imgur.com/k1tCwEM **the new champion:** she is new and is overpowered obviously. --- https://imgur.com/lh1bRMv **zyra:** fuck it im not writing anything i just wana post this guide already man
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