Elementalist Lux worth a buy?

So i have never spent any money in the game and decided that i want to support the developers and buy something. I main Lux as she is my favorite character aswell as my most played character. I dislike her normal model it just feels kinda lackluster. And saw her ultimate skin. I fell in love with it and wanted to buy it since then i might play Lux more. I helped my dad for some extra work for 6 hours and finally got about 35ā‚¬ from him. I saw the world pass and i am defiently buying that but now that i can buy elementalist lux i am having second thought. The skin is really good and defiently my favorite in the entire game. I love all of the forms and the voice lines. But it is so expensive. I could get like 15 masterwork chests or so instead. So, what do you guys think? Should i purchase the skin or should i buy something else? If so what should i purchase.
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