I asked Riot about preseason " i don't care if i win or lose " behavior

Majority would join soloQ to just troll and mess around, not caring if they win or lose while there are lots of people who want to practice and improve for the upcoming season. I understand that you would want to have fun but there is a normal mode for that. SoloQ is for those that want to get better at the game no matter what time of the year it is. But right now soloQ is so bad that players are actually trying more in normals than there. Losing numerous games the same way, because nobody cares and people type the same excuse " its preseason bro i dont fucking care " I report them and ask Riot about this kind of behavior, only to be told it's not punishable because it's presason?? What kind of response is this honestly? Riot Support: " There is not much we can do regarding this, because as long as games don't have the same importance they have in the preseason people are not going to always try their best in order to win :( "
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