Idea for targeting the issues of high elo play in NA

For any of us who has spent time watching a content creator who is, or are so skilled that you play in Diamond 1 and the 3 following Apex Leagues; I raise a question for you. Would being able to see how many players are active in your divisions impact when you decided to queue up? I.e. if there are 30 Challenger players online, and 90 online in GM, and 100 online in Masters - would seeing these numbers impact your decision to play? If I can visibly see that there are more people in Challenger trying to queue for ranked, and a Challenger player queues up, wouldn't that make games more competitive? (Not to say that a mid Masters player is any worse then a Challenger player, I understand its different then the traditional soloq ladder most of have). I am not in any position to say if this would or would not help, as I am a small brain plat player, however I am curious if this would change how the best in our region would interact with their ladder. Streamers like Dom have schedules that have them stream in the morning, you typically see Shiphtur and Imaqtpie late morning into mid day, and then pros usually take the later hours (if they are on lol). I suppose this is more of a hypothetical but I wonder if you would make the region more competitive if you had less division variety in high elo.
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