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I'm sure we're all aware of what happened in Markham, Ontario, Canada. I'm not going to go in detail, but a **gamer murdered 4 family members**; His mom, grandma, dad, and sister. After murdering them he **took pictures of his dead family members and posted them on** a **"gamer chat"** we are all familiar with, **discord. ** Along with the photos, he described how it all went through. His friends said he was often considered a "troll" and he would say a lot "offensive graphic content" online. He was recently** banned **from a different online game because he got reported** due to the nature of the content he was displaying.** I'm sure we've all been in a league game with players **similar to this now murderer of 4** and they often remain unpunished. I've said this once, and I'll say it again. **League of Legends and Riot Games need to take more action when they come across players similar to this murderer; players who threaten people, talk about violence, guns, raids, etc.** This could have been prevented, **4 people lives could have been saved, if only the game notified someone**, did something, the fact that he and other players can just talk about doing disturbing things to others ( especially in a video game ) is just mindboggling. **If you were ever to type "Oh I'm gonna shoot up a school" on twitter, authorities would be alerted and your account would be instantly is League of Legends any different?** **Please change your policies, punish these toxic players, and prevent a tragedy.** Thank you. Just another Twilight fan **Source:**
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