Yasuo is the most overloaded champion right now

Since everyone is talking about how overloaded Irelia was and how overloaded Akali is, lets take a look at a problem that has been around longer then the Irelia rework: He has a skill that blocks **All projectiles** that costs nothing but cool down He has double crit He has insane mobility He has on hit which means he can build {{item:3022}} and has a slow in his q and aa that makes it impossible to escape him He has cc He has a shield just by walking His ult gives him 50% bonus Armour pen on his crits which makes up for the 10% reduced damage in his passive His ult holds enemies air borne for an extra 1 second He can ult off His ult fills up his flow to 100 upon casting Compared to the "overloaded" Irelia She has an aoe stun She has a dash that only resets upon marked targets or if it kills a unit Damage reduction that also suppresses her She has an ult that marks all enemies hit and slows them by 90% (Before it Disarmed) She had a passive that dealt bonus damage to shields She has a passive that builds up on stacks giving her bonus damage Note that all of this costs mana whilst Yasuo uses none. And Akali: She has a poking Q that heals her at 180 or above energy A shroud that makes her invisible even to towers She has a double dash in her e when hitting a target or her shroud She has a 0.5 second stun on the first cast of her ult and an execution on the second cast She has a built in double scaling sheen in her passive Note that all of this costs a lot of energy whilst Yasuo uses none. In conclusion I think we can all see what champion is actually overloaded is Yasuo, and still hasnt been fixed. Additionally he currently holds the position of the highest ban rate being 5.73% as of now with a 49% winrate, whilst Irelia and Akali both have a 44% winrate. See where im getting at?
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