Are some people entitled to a girlfriend?

Its not fair. At this point I am seriously angry. Nice car. good job. nice clothes. decently attractive. decent hygeine. went to collage. Yet I still can not find a single girl to go on one measly date with me? Why? Because she's with chad thats why. There are 200,000 chads out there that have access to 3.5 billion girls. That leaves like 3.5 billions guys without a single freakin gf. HOW IS THIS FAIR RIOT? I got d3 on league in my peak, above most of anyone who would ever hope to read this, but what thats not good enough? Im asking all the females out there why can i not get a ssingle freaking girlfriend why woul you rather be cheated on by chad who btw is a douche bag instead of at least trying to date a nice guy one time?
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