Riot, the way you do things really confuses me. What exactly was wrong with these masteries? Your excuse was that they weren't "adding enough diversity to the game", yet every game, if I see a certain champion get picked, they're either going to pick one of two viable runes for them. Hell, the old mastery system was WAY more fluent and experimental on what you wanted to pick. You had the freedom of putting how many points you wanted to put into each skill, not just chosing from a set of 3, in which case the other 2 are just meaningless and are completely outclassed. What about the old runes system? Same thing applies here, you had the FREEDOM of picking exactly what you wanted. If you wanted to run +31 armor level one runes on Malphite top, you had the option to do that. If you wanted to run +6% experienced gained per level Quints, or +60 AP at level 18 Quints and Glyphs, with +21 armor at level 18 seals and 6.1 Magic Pen level 1, you had the option to do that. It was a really fun fundamental and led theory crafting to a whole new level. It's just things like this that don't make a bit of sense Riot, you're your own worst enemies. You go by the "Change is necessary" philosophy, but the changes you've been making these few years have dragged veteran players away from your game. Yes, I'm aware that changes are needed to keep the game fresh and exciting, but over drafting the game with power creep and stock piles of broken mess on top of eachother constantly without fixing the obvious mistakes causes a huge issue. The game is legit "I hit you first, thus I win the fight" now, and to be honest, that's not really exciting to play, nor watch. This doesn't mean you havn't made great decisions, but there's just a lot of bad ones covering up the good. Edit: For the people who are saying "The BE system is faster than IP", you're completely wrong. The system is only faster for players who play 1-2 games a day, only playing for the first win of the day bonus so they can further on level up. This system is MUCH SLOWER for us players who enjoy playing the game 8 times a day, where you also don't have a 100% chance of winning the game by itself. I am currently level 43, needing 3264 EXP to level up. I earn around 180-220xp for wins and losses both factoring into play here, so I need 14.83 wins, just to level up alone. Now lets say I play 1-2 games a day, getting the first win of the day bonus each time. 3264/695 = 4.69 wins to level up. The math is there guys, and I'm even giving you the benefit of the doubt that I'll win both of those games. It's much slower for us players who play consistently vs once on a daily routine. This system is to drag those who clearly enjoy the game, to spend money on boosts/champions. It's punishing to be frank, being punished for playing the game more often than not and not get rewarded for when I do compared to if I didnt. It's really lame for us veteran players, but what can you do.
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