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Hello Boards I'd like to initiate a Discussion about the Daily Win reward and Daily Login Rewards in General. As for myself, i have probably around 5000-6000 hours of LoL playtime in total. I Enjoy RPGs like Gothic, Skyrim, Thief, AC,... as well as online games like LoL, Warframe(1k h), STO(like 2k h, but that's some years ago) and Payday 2(600 h) I'd like to touch on the subject of Daily Rewards, with the recent changes to the EXP, champion rewards and daily win system, as well as on the speed and pace of online games evolving and changing. Here are my core points: Putting heavy weight on daily login as well as giving out a huge boost in progressing the game through a certain condition is a nice way to keep people playing the game and loging in on a daily basis. What i find myself doing in Warframe quite often, when i'm not extensively playing the game(during some phases with the right motivation and amount of time on my hands), is to just log in, grab the small daily reward and log off instantly afterwards. The game is known to be a grindfest, even more so with the recent updates. I didn't have the time or motivation to experience all the new content and now i'm rather behind and it's way to much new content and different items you need to farm, to bring me back into the game. I could also extensively talk about STO, where you had daily caps on how much you could gain and so on and payday 2, where you can jsut hop in whenever you feel like it... So let's talk about LoL: For a won Ranked game you get around 200 EXP, for a lost one 150(if we talk about 30min game length, which isn't even usual in low elo any longer). The Daily Win gave 575 EXP before the change(roughly quadrupling the EXP you get from a win), and is now reduced to 400 EXP(double the EXP of a ranked win) +50 BE. According to Riot that probably is a gain for the players. I'll let others do the math, this is not my main focus here. So as you can see from the numbers, there is a heavy weight on getting a Daily Win. Even if you play against bots, this will take 30min out of your day at least, way more if you PvP(and don't get an instant win). So to progress(to get new champions), you better play daily, even on workdays, and not throughout a single day. There are people with different schedules and playstyles, some will "benefit" from the current system, others not so much. But i guess there's already been a discussion on that. I for myself play on a daily basis and with the goal to get the daily win, but still enjoy the game. The day you log into League and play even though you don't want to... just because you feel the need to, to progress. That day you will lose some fun. Putting such heavy weight on the daily reward and it being rather hard and time-consuming, will keep players in the game. Since else you will have nearly no progress, especially with the OP champ shards of Amumu and Sivir that stack in our inventories. So in the end i want to spark the discussion about the psychological part of the system. But there are probably way smarter people out there, who've thought about this, if somebody thought about thinking about this topic. I'd like to know Riots thoughts on the balance between BE, EXP and daily win. TL,DR: Riot might want to think about putting more weight on the EXP gain from games instead of the Daily Win, to make it more enjoyable to play whenever you want to, since the game shouldn't be a chore like brushing your teeth.
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