EXP Catchup needs to be re-introduced

Hi guys, I play on high ping because a) im poor and b) I live in Africa. As a result I sometimes randomly dc from games. I have no control over it, but it happens. now i don't mind falling a bit behind and playing safe or the constant flame and racist abuse from players, but the biggest problem is that it's impossible to catchup. Halfway through last season, riot basically removed catchup on exp to help with the funnel farm comps and various other thins. meaning that not only will you be behind on gold and levels when you return after being disconnected (which can take anywhere from 1 min to 5 mins to reconnect with) but now you will never catch up on exp because of the way catchup exp now works. Please can you upvote this and comment if you have similar experiences, riot need to do something about this, it completely ruins the game for people like me and is the main reason most african people move to dota (besides the ping issue). If this continues I'm likely going to have to quit league which i dont want to do. Thanks, Cheesy
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