Unpopular opinion: Neeko’s character feels kinda offensive.

I am actually pretty fine about Neeko being a gay champion. But there are some things I am annoyed about. Why does she have to tell in almost all of her interactions voice lines something like: Hey, look I am a lesbian. I mean, usually gay people are normal, they live and act like everyone else and they don't say that they are gay like every 2nd sentences like Neeko indirectly does. Also the way she describes and talks about human male characters (except few ones) is kinda offensive. Basically "ugh, you stink and look ugly". It doesn't mean i am not going to play her or play this game less, it just makes me want to not hear her voice lines at all. I mean, I was just listening to her and thinking: what if it was vice versa - a male character acting like that and saying such stuff about females? I don’t think it is okay. At least for me. Probably going to get downvoted but I want to know if there is someone else who’s feeling at least somehow like that. Update: Okay, I guess this discussion may be closed now, I guess. I’ve seen what people think about it, I might have taken this a bit too serious. Basically, I felt a bit confused after her Special Interactions video and had no one to discuss about it, thanks everyone for your answers, cheers!~ {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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