Neeko being a really vocal homosexual is not like the varus shoehorn AT ALL!

Neeko is at the VERY VERY LEAST BI. Though really she is lesbian... and a VERY vocal hater of the Bu**Sh&T they decided to pull with the varus lore retcon. Who talk about it heavily on the boards. I ask any and all people bitching about Neeko being Lesbian. TO KINDLY FUCK OFF! My reason for hating the varus rework as Vehemently as I did and STILL DO. Is that they took an established character with established lore, and f*cked It over to create some SJW appeasing SH&T Decorated with the pretty bow of the music and art department. I said then, and I will repeat now. That you can make PERFECTLY GOOD new characters that are gay, You DONT NEED TO DESTROY OLD LORE. Riot did not repair the damage they did to Varus. However, they did make a new character. This character is Homo. This character is cute as a button, seems troll as fuck to play, and has her own lore. Created FROM SCRATCH. Interacting with a champion THAT WAS NOT EVEN IMPLIED to return feelings of attraction to them (nid) ( Shockingly, you can take someone into your group of friends or family WITHOUT WANTING TO FUCK THEIR EYES OUT!), and I will not stand by and let it seem as though the outrage from the Varus lore change was exclusively because he was gay. Is she over the top and flamboyant? YES! She is a Shape shifting Foreigner who's closest grasp of how runeterran Society works was gained from hanging out with FEMALE TARZAN! For all we know, She thinks she is being a f#cking PRUDE! To ADD MORE TO THIS (to those who would have a problem with neeko being lesbian for... stupider reasons) ! An Enclosed society of Shapeshifters ABLE TO IMITATE ANY LIVING BEING (including a frog). PROBABLY DOESN't EVEN HAVE ANY REAL SEXUAL DIMORPHISM. They need more males for reproduction? No problem. Hank, Barbra and Julio over there will stop being Mice for a few weeks, shapeshift them selves some BIG BLACK COBS, and get to work. What? No females in a nearby area? NO PROBLEM! 'Halthor! Grow some tits, we are low on population and its your turn to be female.' AS SUCH, Sexuality is about as fluid as a f*cking BOWL OF WATER. And they see ABSOLUTELY nothing odd about it, because it would work 100% on a physical level. So Neeko Might be lesbian. But She COULD STILL wip out a 12 INCH ROOSTER, and make the eyes of ANY female champ in the league role so far back that they look like they are cosplaying as LEE fu*cking SIN. Which is more then ANYONE can say for Ezreal. (who is physically a guy and straight) IF... IIIIIFFFF you are biting Riot in order to harass them for fucking over the Old varus lore. (Which is still a million times better then this Appeasement SH&T that took its place.) I would like to state that you are behaving like TEXTBOOK SJW's, AND YOU SHOULD GROW THE F$CK UP, and QUIT making those of us who hated the lore change for a GOOD and VALID reason. Look like a bunch of F*cking HOMOPHOBES! EDIT 1******To try and clarify. Neeko being Lesbian may not be AT ALL like Varus being made gay, One is an attempt at creating a new character. The other is SJW appeasement. Neeko does not necessarily seem forced with her VO lines, and her lack of restraints in her dating game might actually just be a cultural mismatch. Anyone who would say that Neeko is appeasement Like Varus was. IS being the same kind of stupid that SJW's are. And Anyone who would Dislike Neeko for being lesbian, has not thought through The whole lesbian thing in lore context. I think that sums up?
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