Do Not Join ''Elite Classroom'' Tournaments Pt. 2

Hello, I recently made a boards post ( talking about my negative experience with a discord server that hosts NA LoL tournaments named 'Elite Classroom'. After completion of this post, I ended up getting several comments and messages I felt the need to bring up. (Please note that I haven't experienced this firsthand and everything I am bringing up today has been relayed to me via other people) Someone added me yesterday concerning the recent post I made and told me a few things that had happened to a friend of his who was also part of the discord server. Apparently, this friend had been part of the discord community for several months. During that time he had made friends throughout the community and had even become a 'Premium Member' through his donation of 10$ towards the server. To become a Premium Member, you not only have to supply your first and last name, but also a social media platform you're on (i.e. give them his instagram/facebook/snapchat etc...). Recently, he had participated in the same tournament that I was in and was in one of the top 3 teams, making him eligible for a prize, however, he lives in Florida, and while he wasn't directly hit by the hurricane, he lost power. During his power outage there was a 'Community Meeting' which, for obvious reasons, he couldn't attend. For not being apart of this meeting, they said he was an inactive member and therefore ineligible to receive prizing. He told them what had happened and they still withheld his prize money because he was absent for the meeting. He started to rant about this situation, calling it 'fucking unfair' amongst other things. To make a long story short, they ended up banning him for toxicity. While this in itself isn't too uncalled for, it's what happened next that made me make this post. They told all his friends in the server to not talk or play with said person or their personal information (supplied through the premium member application) would be leaked, pretty much a dox. This was especially scary for the person who got banned because since he had donated money, they also had access to all the information on his credit card as well as the information he had put on the premium member application. There were also several comments made on my original post that I will also add. ''Upvoted as I was also scammed by them :). ''Also interesting to note was that I was on the winning team, I said I couldn't be active because I live in south Florida and was impacted by the hurricane, but they ignored me.'' ''I think the best part was when the admins said how could we be scammed if we didn't pay anything to enter... we paid in wasting 9 hours of life to play games that earned us nothing.'' - Zoombafa ''Oh yeah. I know these guys. They are total scum bags and run this sorta scsm on other games to not just LoL, best to avoid them'' -Annie Lolicon Once again, I can't confirm 100% that these things indeed happened, as I was not included, however I think it would help to at least get it out there in hopes of getting a response from the actual tournament owners on this disgraceful situation. I also got a message from Riot Support saying how it wasn't in their power to do anything as Elite Classroom is a third party, however they will look into it Also, for any of those scammed by the organization in the most recent tournament, make a comment in the comment section and if it's confirmed to be real, my friend, Energized Ahri, will reimburse you, up to 10$, as he did with me. He isn't apart of Elite Classroom for those wondering, he just wants to do a good deed.
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