Delete All Ugly Champions

Aesthetic is one of the most important parts of video games for me. It's what makes the game feel good. It's what makes the game flow. Name a game that has been successful at all that has had bad graphics. Minecraft? Hilarious, nobody plays that game. Old School Runescape? A laughing stock. CS:GO? Haven't heard of her. I bet you're a little thrown off by the title. Delete ALL ugly champions? Impossible. Well you know what I believe? I believe if WE band together to finally do what should've been done a long time ago. Boycott ugly champions. Not to fat shame or anything but nobody wants to see your rolls Gragas{{champion:79}} . Fiddle looks like a ripped paper bag on a stick{{champion:9}} . I don't think I've seen someone as generally ugly as Mundo{{champion:36}} . Seriously what even is he? Udyr looks like he had some MAJOR wardrobe issues {{champion:77}} . Whenever I get into a game with these champions my mood instantly plummets. So for that reason I would propose that all ugly champions should be deleted.
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