Apparently, Riot doesn't give a shit about certain champs

The funny part is, they keep telling you "We don't know what to do with X but we'll look at him in the future". Mind explaining why the Lead Gameplay Designer after more than 6 Months still can't answer a simple question of "{{champion:62}} 's current state " ? Why does he ignore the mostly wanted to be answered question but still give answers to others? I just ready the {Narrative in 2018} , and oh boy there's a lot of bullshit in the air, telling us "" We spend a lot of time with our champions and we love them. (Yes, even Amumu.) Because of that, we don’t want you to just “like” a champion—we want you to LOVE them too. Love them enough to main them on the Rift.."" . How can I main a champion that's been neglected for more than 4 years? where is the LOVE you claim to have for those champs? Are you classifying {{champion:32}} as the least loved and worked on champion? get your facts straight please! You see, I don't really believe the "Fighters" class is the least "viable" class out of all. I will not separate divers from juggernauts here. Yes they haven't received a keystone of their own, but they have a variety of playstyles they can choose from, they have good set of items that work well on a lot of different champions in the class "although yes these items need an update" but still, they have more options. IMO AD assassins are the least loved class, they've been getting shit on in the last couple of years , and although they got this {{item:3147}} "broken" item that's keeping them somewhat viable , it's still too damn hard to reach ADCs who have Assassins mechanics [[{{champion:29}} {{champion:18}} ex]] with better and cheaper items that multiply their unavoidable dmg from a range just by right clicking. and dont forget the amout of CC + heals and shields their slave tanks and supports provide. {{item:3147}} is a broken item, but it's a necessary item and probably the best choice to raise the chance of killing those ADCS [[which is their job btw!]]. You yourselves admit that {{champion:91}} is weak atm Talon - Struggling in both mid and top. We'd previously been avoiding giving him power because he was doing well in top lane, he's just weak all round at this point though. Likely fairly straight forward numbers buffs. Before the new Runes system hit live, he was performing well in both mid and toplane, now he's nowhere to be found in toplane after dropping to 44% win ratio. and even in midlane he's struggling . You've reverted his PBE buffs, said nothing about that, didn't share any plans for Talon changes, and still can't answer questions regarding his current state. I wonder how he will be performing after {{item:3147}} nerfs and the mage items update. Seems like "partially revert" those reworks just like {{champion:107}} and {{champion:7}} has been the best option so far, I'm waiting for Talon's. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Edit: Meddler replied to the comment, and here are his thoughts:- Meddler Sorry about the late responses, busy day. Wukong - Crops up most often in our discussions as a pub stompy champion who doesn't particularly perform in high elo but often overperforms in low/average elos. Overall think he needs a gameplay pattern with more versatility to it, which would take substantial kit changes, not just small work. Other champs are in need of a VGU more though. Possible Duskblade nerfs do hit him noticeably, will be assessing him and other core users after those are out to see if we should do follow up on them. Talon - We want to see where the MR change and Duskblade nerf put Talon before considering other possible buffs. Do want to see him perform better than he has been recently. ~~~~ I'm still not sure where that leaves {{champion:62}} , another vague and uncertain reply. and for {{champion:91}} yea the MR buffs are not the solution, adding more numbers to his kit is not the solution, it's the pattern of his playstyle that feels less satisfying than most assassins.
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