Riot is ruining the Aesthetic of this game

Why is riot so hell bent on ruining and changing things that dont need to be altered? The old login client was fine, the old logo was fine. I cant think of a single person that talked about or complained about it enough to need changing. All it does when you change old styles is make people angry, its very rare for people to like changes. They've removed the legacy cursor, people got pissed. They changed the Logo, people got pissed. And now they changed the login screen to this bland, eye bleeding white garbage. What is going through riots mind right now? You would think that after the success of WoW Classic and seeing how people still like the old style of games they would have a Legacy option for almost every aspect in their game, hell maybe even a game mode to play the old maps, and champions. But it seems like they want to burn down the old game that started their success.
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