Suspended for scripting permanantly

lol jk Account got suspended because of chargeback issues Context; Riot litterally withdraw 50£ from my card without me noticing and don't even have the respect to send me a purchase receipt on my confirmed email Obv i'll make a support ticket about that. And then my day goes on i play some league and later i get suspended, it doesn't say why but i definetely know why. Riot is going to keep it suspended until the chargeback issues have been resolved with support and they won't unsuspend it until i've purchased the 50£ from them or confirmed i don't want a refund. Probably EDIT: i was going to buy 50£ rp but my card declined it. 3 days later 8250 rp shows up on my acc without a purchase receipt on my email i submit a ticket and i get suspended until i pay up btw instead of buying 50£ rp i went and got 25£ worth of rp. AND i got purchase receipts for those 2 Update: Riot won't refund my money because i used the rp :DD The rp i didn't 'buy' And i've come up with a theory that's pretty solid; I'm 17 years old i've just recieved my credit card and i deposit 80£ First thing i'm going to buy when i get home is 50£ rp. But a message comes up saying that my bank has declined my card. My bank might have been worried that my card might have been stolen and put the purchase on pending. After not recieving contact from me for 3 days concerning a stolen card they accept the 50£ rp purchase i get majorly fucked {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} tl;dr Bank put my purchase on pending because they thought it was stolen i don't get a purchase receipt and i spend the rp thinking it's a gift >they won't refund my 50£
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