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I know riot has noticed all of us freaking out and wanting her to be reverted and for you guys to just give her the Ezreal treatment but let me tell you why. -Her new reposition to do damage is a bruiser thing. She no longer feels like an assassin because of that Fiora style mechanic. -She is going to be cancer no matter how you try to balance her. The new shroud was a HORRIBLE idea but without it she's just too weak due to her delays and garbage AP scaling. -You turned a niche champion that was literally never banned into the highest banned champion in league with also the lowest winrate. (her winrate is currently sitting at 42%) If you don't want to revert her or do something to make her Akali, can you guys just please make a new champion that has a kit similar to her old one? TL;DR You made Akali into a bruiser with that stupid passive and gave her a 0 counterplay ability. Not fun to play, even less fun to play against.
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