Co-op vs AI is flooded by botting

Whenever I want to learn a new champion or get back into the swing of things I start on co-op vs AI. Every match has 1-3 bots playerside doing the same thing. Heal/Ghost, buy boots, run into random lanes and die. Doesn't matter the time of day either. It's at the point where it's unreliable to practice a lot of champions because you may have to carry multiple lanes while sieging vs fed AI! This means I'm better off going to a normal game to first time stuff I'm not used to. Cause people would love a first time Yasuo mid in their matches. To the playerbase: Co-op vs AI is overflow that helps makes your regular games better because _some players_ are trying stuff out in it first to have at least some idea. To Riot: This issue has clearly gotten out of hand since 3v3 was disabled and the botting moved to co-op vs AI. There is a real risk that it reduces returning and new player interest. Which doesn't even mention the result of these account sales. Players straight buying "ranked ready lv 30 accounts" and directly joining ranked. Players whom may not be familiar enough with the game or are circumventing a ban.
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