So the player recruitment can just screw you over i guess?

Apparently the player recruitment mission will just completely screw you over 1/5th of the time and give you ziggs. Something you ALREADY GET from a previous mission. So if im getting this straight, they didnt think to not include ziggs from the loot pool, even though you get him from a mission you already would have done. Why exactly? You go through the trouble of recruiting a new player and convincing a friend to come play, and playing a bunch of games with them and explaining the game, just to 1/5 of the time get literally nothing out of it? 200 OE i guess lmao. It just feels like an enormous middle finger to the player base. Why should I participate in an event like this in the future now? Thats the message I'm getting. Don't recruit anyone now. Idk, i just feel screwed over and upset. I get its free, but its something i worked hard for and got them a potential customer in return. for nothing on my end. A slap in the face.
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