I miss the League where games weren't decided in 5 minutes.

I know I'm only gold and my norms games don't encompass the entirety of league, but when i first started playing I felt there was skill expression in the way the game foiled out. As in, if I were doing good we could hold out long enough for other to get back in the game. More often than not games ended due to something that felt normal and at a good time (30-40 mins). Now league has devolved into a game that takes a whopping 5 minutes to decide the outcome. Nearly every game I do my best, try as hard as I can, but at 3 mins when I look bot and see they have 2-3 kills I know what the game is headed towards. It doesn't mean I stop trying but I can't help but admit that when the game is this binary it makes it hard to want to try when you know the outcome doesn't matter. Either you give up and let them win, and try to get into a better game, or you try stall and get a 60 minute game to get some XP to get some crap champ shards. I just want to play a league where the score isnt 5-20 at 15 mins where I am 4 and 2. Hopefully with all of the feedback and backlash riot is getting this is getting fixed, but all my friends are on the cusp of quitting cause this game has devolved into something that me and I know a majority of people just don't like. I get that they need to make changes to keep the game relevant, but It would be nice if they thought of the people who put time into this game before changing it to something almost unrecognizable. Rant over. (I know I'm gonna get hate, sorry for speaking my mind boardmates)
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