Unpopular Opinion? NA and EU are being mishandled

Edit "I don't give a shit about the skill level of other players" --- a response in this thread and an example of why NA/EU doesn't produce better skilled players and why league is in decline in our regions. This is the mentality of "I don't care how bad or unfun the game is, as long as nobody calls me names" Edit* Maybe chat shouldn't be so heavily focused" doesn't equate to "never punish for chat related things again" Some people seem to think that I'm advocating for in game nazism or something So trash talk hasn't been eliminated, trolling has _increased_, match integrity has decreased, and with large losses of players overall skill disparity is increasing in matchmaking. A common situation: Person for X reason in game starts trolling/throwing but doesn't type anything so one other player gets mad. "Hey troll WTF stop. Dude you are ruining the game. Stop or I'm reporting you." Troll continues then reports the person they pissed off. Innocent player is punished on technicality. Troll walks away free for X games and is possibly NEVER punished. There is also the fining of players for trash talk amongst other more legitimate punishments BUT that means less excitement in the LCS. Imagine a super respectful rotation of players that NEVER even hint their feelings of other players or the game. "Everyone is good. All matches will be a challenge" -End All Interviews What happens when there are no more new players to gather from these regions? They are considered bad to practice on and have inferior server infrastructure. Criticism isn't received well by most. I'd like to stop encountering so many passive aggressive, petty, or indolent players. I am capable of muting egregious words, so are you, but no one can mute the actions of those who quit partway through. (unintended rhyme ha) Post a video of any streamer, youtuber, or pro, absolutely praising NA solo or LCS or Riot's behavior management for NA/EU regions. We'll wait.
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