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Is it just me or is it also hard for anyone else to play summoners rift? Like I actually have not touched ranked once this season just because of all the toxic energy my friends and the community have been giving me about it. How it being unfair and champions being too overloaded for anyone to play the game skillfully. When I log in, it is either a draft or Aram but even then...the game is still so lack luster. Twisted treeline is cute but has been the same forever and not many people play it, Team Fight Tactics is me sitting there staring at my computer screen sniffing my fingers and waiting for my A.Is to kill each other....that shit is not fun, I want to be more engaged. What happened to rotating game modes? Special Events? Nexus Blitz? I feel like every time we get something good if it does not revolve around a large income of money coming in or fucking pro play, we have it taken away and given something stupid that no one asked for. Apart from that, from a CONSUMER/CUSTOMER point of view some of the stuff that they put out makes me feel like they want me to quit the game. I truly and absolutely 100% hands down feel like they want us, as the player base, to just quit the game all together because some of the shit we have been presented with that I have seen from this company has been malicious, disgusting and fucking greasy. It is exactly like someone said on the boards previously, Riot does not care or give a shit about any of you guys or your opinions. You can sit here and stay in your little fantasy world but when reality hits, you are nothing to them, you are irrelevant if you are not making them some form of income. So sad that I have to make these "hate" or "negative" posts about them but I am so sick of the way this game is right now.
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