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{{champion:267}} Hey Everyone, I'm Evangele, Eva to most people (inb4 literal who), and I am a Herald with the NA Boards Moderation team. :) I was a ridiculously active GD poster/user for a long period of time until an incident occurred that made me dial back my contributions a significant amount but I am still here or in active GD communities a large portion of time when I am not with my 9 (almost 10) month old daughter. I'm making this thread as a sort of AMA, Opinion giving feedback related post about moderation (and me in general). There's a bit of disconnect between moderation and posters here in GD and it's founded but also annoying. I'd like to open it up a bit, involve you guys a bit more here and this is a good first step. Keep in mind, there are some things I wont be able to speak on for general privacy and user privacy, but I will answer everything to the best of my ability. Also please keep in mind, you might not like my answers, but I am not here to be abused or harassed and I likely wont answer to any of those types of situations, and they will likely be moderated (not by me). Criticism of me isn't harassment, so do not worry, I will not see it as such. **That being said, please feel free to ask about:** Moderation Theories of Moderation Moderation Team Personal philosophies on Moderation GD Moderation Universal Rules and GD Rules **Personal stuff about me** Personal questions, but not too personal :^) League related BS about me **Please note I will also accept:** Feedback relating the program (well thought out non-asshat feedback) Opinions on what we can do to moderate GD better Opinions on what we can do to moderate everywhere better Opinions on how to train moderators better for dealing with GD Gripes you might have Things that really grind your gears Posting Nami pictures Posting Mercy pictures **Most importantly, the ONE question I have for all of you:** What is something you think moderators should know about GD Culture? - Thanks everyone, your participation is appreciated and NEEDED. Eva
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