Okay, you're killing off TT. Can you at least let us earn tokens from it until then? PLEASE?

Naturally, those of us, few as we may be, who have been dedicated 3v3 players are going to want to get in as many games as we can before it goes away. So why the BLOOPYBLEEP are you making that as hard as possible for us to do that by AGAIN excluding TT from earning tokens? Riot, please, I beg of you, please change this so we don't have to avoid the one thing we really want to play right now? Or are you intentionally trying to stack the deck against us? Do you like making people unhappy? Once again, I absolutely promise you, I won't buy the event pass unless you change this. Not to mention the BLATANT LIE on the event info page stating "All matchmade pvp games" will earn tokens. This is 100% a lie since TT is excluded. If ABSOLUTELY NOTHING else, can you at least fix the lie on the event page so it says "all matchmade pvp SR, ARAM and AutoChess RIpoff games give tokens" ? I mean, I'm used to lies from Riot at this point, but they aren't usually right out there in plain sight.
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